New Law Protects Property Owners In Philadelphia From Solicitation

Written by: Clementa Amazan

Last month, Mayor James F. Kenney signed a bill passed by Philadelphia City Council into law which provides protection to property owners from solicitation and related problems.

Under the new law, real estate brokers, agents, or their representatives are generally prohibited from soliciting any real property for sale or rent if at any time the property owner does not wish to sell or rent the property or does not want to be solicited to sell or rent.

The new law directs the city government to create and maintain a public “Do Not Solicit List” of property owners who have expressed a desire to not be solicited to sell or rent their real property.

In the event a property owner would like to remove their name from the “Do Not Solicit List”, the property owner may request, in writing, the removal of the property owner’s name from it, and that will occur within 30 days from such a request.

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