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Our proactive approach helps protect your assets and keeps you prepared for the unexpected when you are forming, joining, managing, or exiting a business or employment relationship.

There is a lot that goes into business formation, as well as joining an existing business or employer. Whatever your legal needs, we are uniquely skilled to help you accomplish those goals.  Through our guidance, we help protect your assets and keep you prepared for the unexpected. 

Likewise, successful management of an existing business is an ongoing complex endeavor. Many entrepreneurs, although highly successful in the business realm, do not know what they do not know. We work several steps ahead and guide clients through both the business formation and management process by anticipating pitfalls and issues that may arise and put processes in place to protect them.

We also guide businesses through human resources and workforce issues. Whether short-term or long-term interests, from the micro to the macro, we keep businesses on the straight and narrow, educating them on the process.

More so, if a business or employment relationship has reached its logical conclusion, we have the acumen to help navigate you through dissolution or termination in a way that guarantees you your fair share through aggressive advocacy or litigation, if necessary.

Natalie was instrumental in assisting me as I managed the growth of my team at Resnick Development. The employment agreements that she prepared protected my interests when bringing on new people.

- Lawrence Resnick, Resnick Development Co.

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