Nochumson P.C. Awarded Gold Winner in Business Law By The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Philly Favorites Contest

Written by: Isabella LiPuma

Nochumson P.C. is honored to have won the Business Law category of The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Philly Favorites contest. Winners were chosen by nominating and voting for exceptional establishments and professionals in and around Philadelphia. Nominations took place from December 4th through December 15th and voting took place from January 1st through January 19th. The press release for our award, which highlights the firm’s history, practice areas, and innovative uses of its office space, can be found below. 

Nochumson In The Know: Philly’s Preeminent Boutique Real Estate and Business Law Firm Offers Breadth and Depth

Nochumson P.C. sets the standard for approachability and community education in the real estate and business worlds in the Philadelphia region. The firm prides itself on offering innovative solutions to its diverse clientele for all of their real estate, business, and litigation needs. 

As Philly’s go-to boutique real estate and business law firm, Nochumson P.C. is known for being agile yet comprehensive. Alan Nochumson, founding partner, stated “We’re small, but we’ve made a big impact on the city.” Indeed, Nochumson P.C. handles more than 6% of all zoning variance appeals filed in Philadelphia, more than any other law firm in the city.

In conjunction with Nochumson P.C.’s substantial land use and zoning practice, the attorneys at the firm assist their clients on every stage of the real estate acquisition and sales process–from purchasing and potentially developing a property and then selling it–to, should they need it, all manner of litigation–from small claims court to appellate practice. The attorneys also guide clients through both business formation and management processes by acting as outside general counsel.

Nochumson P.C. has grown as a law firm, deepening its existing practice areas and expanding its geographic reach. Natalie Klyashtorny, head of the litigation practice at the firm, stated “What we did 18 years ago is the foundation of our firm, and the practice areas that we started with have become more sophisticated over time.” While the firm is city-centric, their number of clients in the Philadelphia suburbs and New Jersey has doubled over the past year.

The firm has also invested heavily in its new space, a 3,500 square-foot office at One South Broad Street. Nochumson’s goal in moving to a significantly larger space was to offer it as an “incubator space” for its clients both inside and outside of the city. Clients regularly intermingle with attorneys and staff, who “hotel” throughout the office.

Klyashtorny said, “We do closings here, we host industry events, holiday parties, and seminars. We try to create a sense of community amongst both our attorneys and staff and our clients.” In the heart of the city, Nochumson P.C. has made a place where a clear flow and exchange of ideas and concepts can take place. 

In a recent article published in the Philadelphia Business Journal, Nochumson is quoted about the new space’s utility “whether clients are doing closings, or if they want a place to just have Wi-Fi, we have food and amenities here where they can relax.” Nochumson and his team see this open and luminous office as a place to collaborate with clients and friends. He also explained that clients often want to do a closing at the office rather than having it at a nondescript title insurance company’s or broker’s office. 

To connect with the community and stay updated on all aspects of the law, Nochumson has every attorney write leadership articles, blog posts, and client alerts, a practice that has always defined the firm. He sees this writing as a growth opportunity and as a way to stay abreast of all happenings and legal updates throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. “We know the law and respect the law,” he explained.

Although small, the firm is well regarded for the diversity of its attorneys and clients. Nochumson and his team know that having attorneys and staff with different personal and professional experiences is helpful because it mirrors Nochumson P.C.’s clientele. By having team members with diverse backgrounds, Nochumson P.C. is able to better step into the shoes of its clients. Nochumson and the team describe themselves as “hardworking, innovative, aggressive, caring, and supportive, and we believe that our clients match that energy. We care about the things that our clients care about.”

Nochumson P.C. continues to grow in influence, yet the firm remains an approachable and nimble size to be personable for clients. Every person who relies on Nochumson P.C. matters to the team, and they will be able to feel the difference and see the results. “In short, we care about our growth and our clients’ growth,” Nochumson stated.