How a Land Use Attorney Can Help You

Written by: Alan Nochumson

A land use attorney should have the experience and knowledge of the intricate rules and regulations in Philadelphia, allowing them to better maneuver through the labyrinth of governmental agencies and community organizations.

As an attorney, few other specializations intersect with so many types of law as land use law. A land use attorney deals with real estate, environmental and administrative law as well as constitutional law, public policy, and politics, in figuring out how land should be used. Knowing the law is only one part of the equation in obtaining permits and licenses in Philadelphia. It also requires the ability to relate to the diverse set of interests of the people governing, residing, and doing business within city limits. No matter the size of your property or project, it is imperative to consider how a land use attorney can help you actualize your dream.

What is Land Use Law

Land use laws determine how landowners can use their property and what limits the government can put on that use. These limits fall under the scope of zoning laws, ordinances, or regulations. The idea is that by creating zones dedicated to similar uses, landowners will be more able to enjoy their property. The three most common types of municipal zoning are:

  • Industrial – Industrial zoning often has several categories that further regulate the type of industry that can take place. These zones will frequently require more space between buildings. Common examples of activities that take place in industrial zones include manufacturing plants or storage facilities.
  • Commercial – Commercial zoning can have different categories, depending on the types of businesses using the space. Often, the type of commercial zoning available will be determined by the parking situation in the area. Common commercially zoned properties include office buildings, shopping malls, and some apartment complexes.
  • Residential – Residential zones can include homes, apartments, duplexes, and trailer parks. Zoning will generally address how many structures can be on a property and how close to other structures and the property line you can build. Residential zoning laws also address the number of animals allowed and whether you can run a business from your home.

What a Land Use Attorney Does to Help

It can be very challenging to navigate the various contracts for a building project. A land use attorney will guide you through every step of the way and ensure that the right permits are being filed and applied for at all times. There are many matters to consider in this job. Attorneys must understand real estate law as well as the regulations and requirements for all permits and environmental issues. There are also governmental contracts and construction laws to stay on top of. Regardless of whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a property developer, you stand to benefit from the use of a land use attorney. They can assist you in challenging a municipality’s zoning regulations and help you to procure the proper permits and information in regards to many details if you’re remodeling or constructing a house or business.

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