Understanding The City of Philadelphia’s Landlord Gateway Program

Written by: Alan Nochumson

The City of Philadelphia recently created an online portal that has streamlined the process of renewing or updating your license, keeping your property in good repair, finding financial and housing programs, and avoiding costly eviction processes, amongst other functions. The portal, called the Landlord Gateway Program, allows current and prospective landlords to forgo the often-long lines at the Municipal Services Building and, instead, provides centralized access to the resources needed to navigate the City’s processes and requirements in a single location.

The Landlord Gateway Program is divided into sections for new landlords, existing landlords, affordable housing, and includes a hub for resources useful to all landlords and property managers. Under this program, landlords in Philadelphia can learn how to obtain rental licenses and legally lease their properties, and maintain their existing governmental licenses. The program also provides guidance for landlords and prospective landlords who wish to own as well as manage affordable housing in the City of Philadelphia via the Housing Choice Voucher Program, and offers information on unique funding opportunities for Affordable Rental & Special-Needs Housing Developments.

In addition, the program includes directions to accessing the Eviction Diversion Program, which provides resources for landlords to resolve issues and avoid a costly or lengthy court process. The Landlord Gateway Program includes, amongst others functions, a streamlined conflict mediation process. At no cost to the individual, a neutral mediator can help landlords and tenants resolve issues and financial assistance for eligible landlords to cover a tenant’s back rent.

The Landlord Gateway Program also includes all the housing-related services and resources from 16 of the City’s departments and agencies so that landlords have help managing their rental properties. The Gateway is divided into sections for new landlords, existing landlords, affordable housing, and includes a hub for resources useful to all landlords. Additional resources can be found for the following City entities:

  • The Division of Housing and Community Development
  • The Office of Homeless Services
  • The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
  • Philadelphia Gas Works
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

This “one-stop-shop” is free and available online at the City of Philadelphia’s website, listed under the “Programs” tab. Please feel free to contact Alan Nochumson at either (215) 600-2851 or alan.nochumson@nochumson.com if you need assistance using the program or wish to learn more.