How the Nochumson P.C. Land Use and Zoning Tool Can Help You!

Written by: Alan Nochumson

Having an intimate knowledge of the neighborhood you are looking to build in, sell in, and establish your business in can help you understand the pros and cons of the market as it stands now and forecast what it will be like in the future.

For real estate agents, developers, and small business owners, the old cliche that it is all about location, location, location will always hold true. Having an intimate knowledge of the neighborhood you are looking to build in, sell in, and establish your business in can help you understand the pros and cons of the market as it stands now and forecast what it will be like in the future. At Nochumson P.C., we have developed an interactive Land Use & Zoning Analysis Tool that can help with the understanding of the zoning, variances, and other market factors about specific properties and neighborhoods.

What is the Land Use & Zoning Analysis Tool

We understand that knowledge is the most powerful tool you can possess to allow you the confidence to make informed decisions on all real estate matters. The interactive tool we have developed leverages Philadelphia’s open-source data to draw valuable and helpful information specific to your project and development. Some of the valuable information you can obtain through our Land Use & Zoning Analysis Tool include:

  • Current Councilperson
  • Current Council District
  • Property Lot Size
  • Zoning Classification
  • ZBA Decision
  • ZBA Decision Date
  • Pending Zoning Bill
  • Scope of Project

How our Tool can Help Real Estate Agents

With our tool, real estate agents have a plethora of information that they can educate themselves and their clients with to make the best decisions. Our tool allows agents to monitor and study recent zoning permit requests and approvals. This allows agents to monitor which neighborhoods are growing and how the neighborhood may be reacting to new development.  Our Land Use & Zoning Analysis Tool also allows for agents to monitor recent variance decisions. A seller’s agent can see, for instance, that a nearby property has been granted a certain variance and can more easily project what that means for surrounding properties in the neighborhood. By being able to look ahead into the future with concrete statistics and recent judgments, a real estate agent can more confidently identify trends in the marketplace. For a buyer’s agent, this tool can help you identify pockets of the city that are diamonds in the rough. The condition of the neighborhood and an understanding of what is in the pipeline allows agents to make informed recommendations to clients. With the knowledge provided by our tool, agents can give a sophisticated analysis of current conditions and changes that are on the horizon.

How our Tool Can Help Developers

Are you looking for the next hot neighborhood? How have the zoning laws in a particular neighborhood changed recently? How have other factors, such as variance approvals, changed development in these locations? With the Land Use & Zoning Tool, Nochumson P.C. provides up-to-date data that can be used by developers to assess where a certain neighborhood stands now and what it will look like in the upcoming years. With the pertinent information provided by our tool, developers can make more data-driven decisions on where to invest, or answer questions on potential pushback from neighbors, or how the neighborhood has reacted to other development projects. Developers tend to mimic each other and if there seems to be an increase in zoning requests in a particular neighborhood, chances are that this is a neighborhood to watch and one on the verge of “blowing up.”

How our Tool Can Help Small Business Owners

For a small business owner looking to open a brick-and-mortar establishment, having detailed information about the neighborhoods you are looking to settle in can be the difference between becoming a long-term neighborhood fixture and flaming out rather quickly. Identifying which neighborhoods are supporting similar businesses will allow owners to accurately pinpoint whether their business can thrive there. No owner wants to be in a position of being unwanted in their new neighborhood, and our tool provides the necessary information to accurately assess neighbor’s reactions to previous businesses and precise zoning and land use ordinances. Our tool helps verify for prospective buyers that the neighborhood would be receptive to them opening their business there.

The Land Use & Zoning Analysis Tool from Nochumson P.C. is your guide to the ever-changing landscape of land use and zoning laws and ordinances. At Nochumson P.C., we are more than legal counsel. We are people serving our neighbors and community in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Knowing that real communication between real people can help lead to real positive results, our team of attorneys is available 24/7 to help answer your legal questions and to fight for you with skill and fortitude, whatever the case may be. When you hire us, you can expect a sensible and cost-effective approach to legal counsel. We think fast, think ahead, and get things done. Contact us today or call us at (215) 399-1346 to see how we can represent you.