5 Tips For Choosing A Real Estate Lawyer

Written by: Alan Nochumson

Choosing a real estate lawyer is a crucial decision to make when dealing with legal matters concerning real estate. Check out these 5 tips to ensure you hire the best real estate attorney.

Purchasing real estate is arguably the largest, most complex, and meaningful financial decision of your life. There are so many ways a real estate attorney can assist you on either side of a real estate transaction, which makes for a critical process of choosing a real estate attorney. In all of the legal matters that we assist our clients with, we want to make sure you’re as informed as possible. We’ve come up with these 5 tips to help you make an informed, strategic decision when choosing a real estate lawyer. 

Do your homework. 

There are several places you can refer to that provide insights on your lawyers’ experience in relation to your legal matter.

One site that we suggest visiting is Avvo, an online marketplace for legal services of all kinds. When you search for an attorney on Avvo, you can find endorsements from other attorneys, client reviews, and previous disciplinary actions.

Super Lawyers is another great resource for finding an attorney. It is a rating service platform for outstanding lawyers and attorneys from every practice area of law in all 50 states of the US. The lawyers who make it to the Super Lawyers lists are those who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The site provides the attorneys’ profiles with a snapshot of their background, education, practice area, and legal experience. 

Experience matters. 

A crucial aspect to evaluate when selecting your attorney is the experience they have in the real estate field. You’ll want to find an attorney with a proven track record of solving similar or identical cases to ensure that they know what they’re doing and can make sure it gets done in a timely manner. Most attorneys charge by the hour, and while you always want to make sure you’re getting the best quality service, it should also get done efficiently.

Find a local pundit.

Real estate laws vary by state, and even by the city in some cases. A real estate attorney who isn’t familiar with how the regulations in your area work can cause delays and additional trouble. Using geo-targeted keywords on search engines like Google can help hone in on local results. We suggest using search terms like “local real estate attorney” or “real estate attorney near me” so that search engines can provide you with the most accurate information. The state bar association is also an excellent resource to find attorneys who specialize in real estate law, and can verify that the attorney is properly licensed.

Don’t wait to hire a real estate lawyer. 

As soon as you suspect you’ll need a real estate attorney, you should begin the process of hiring one. There are several steps in both the buying and selling process where your attorney can step in to assist you. It’s more effective to have your lawyer retained throughout the entire process instead of just having them show up for closing. They will naturally become more familiar with your case over time, which will lead to better results overall.

Consult with your network to find a real estate lawyer. 

The best place to start in the decision-making process is with your most trusted advisors. Real estate transactions are not an uncommon occurrence, and your family members and friends may have valuable advice and won’t steer you wrong. Lawyers who you’ve worked within the past may have great recommendations in fields that aren’t in their area of practice. Lawyers tend to network with other lawyers, and if you have a dependable and trusting relationship with your lawyer, they should lead you in the right direction.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This can be a stressful decision with a lot of moving parts and a lot of negotiations to be made. Make sure you feel as comfortable as possible, as your real estate attorney will play a major role in both the buying and selling processes. 

At Nochumson P.C., we treat our clients’ legal matters as our own and have handled hundreds of real estate matters across Philadelphia and the Delaware valley. If you have any questions or interest in pursuing a real estate transaction, reach out to our firm.