PA Allows for Remote Online Notarization to Close Some Real Estate Transactions

Written by: Natalie Klyashtorny

  • personal real estate transactions where the agreement of sale was executed by the parties prior to the effective date of the governmental restriction.
  • all commercial real estate transactions, including those already in process as well as new ones.

Based upon the foregoing, sellers and buyers will be able to execute closing documents outside the physical presence. 

In order to do so, however, a notary who wants to use audio-visual technology as an alternative to a personal appearance must:

  • become an approved Pennsylvania electronic notary by submitting a free application;
  • use an e-notary solution already approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of State that offers remote online notarization (RON) technology; and
  • indicate in the notary certificate that the notarial act was performed by means of communication technology, with the following statement satisfying that requirement: “This notarial act involved the use of communication technology.”

The RON providers approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of State are:

  • DocVerify  (for general use)
  • Safe-Docs (for general use)
  • Pavaso (for title companies and other real estate transactions)

If you have any questions about how to consummate a real estate closing remotely in Pennsylvania, please feel free to contact us at and an attorney at Nochumson P.C. will immediately reach out to you to schedule a free consultation.