Philadelphia Substantially Increases Monetary Fines and Penalties for Violating Covid-19 Orders

Written by: Natalie Klyashtorny

Last week, the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health issued an emergency regulation, increasing the fines for violators of the City’s multiple Covid-19-related orders, including the prohibition on operation of non-essential businesses.

A business that violates any other regulation issued by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, including the limits on and safety regulations for construction activity, may be fined $2,000 per violation.

Individuals may be fined $500 per violation. 

The previous fines for such violations were $100 for individuals and $300 for businesses.

Enforcement officers will have the discretion to issue notices of violation, by which alleged violators will have the option to admit the violation and pay a reduced fine in lieu of having to appear in Municipal Court to contest the violation.  In such circumstance, the reduced fine will be $250 for individuals and $700 for businesses. 

Such fines shall be in addition to any other applicable remedy, including orders to cease operations, stop work orders, revocation of permits or licenses and other injunctive relief. 

Criminal penalties may also be imposed. 

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