What Government-Imposed Deadlines Have Been Changed Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Written by: Natalie Klyashtorny

  • The deadline to file personal income tax returns with both the Internal Revenue Service and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is July 15, 2020. 
  • The deadline to pay real estate taxes due to the City of Philadelphia has been extended from March 31, 2020 until April 30, 2020. 
  • The deadline for older adults and Pennsylvania residents with disabilities to apply for rebates on rent and real estate taxes paid in 2019 has been extended from June 30, 2020 until Dec. 31, 2020.
  • The City of Philadelphia has granted an extension for filing and payments of Business Income and Receipts Tax (BIRT) and Net Profits Tax (NPT) until July 15, 2020.   
  • Businesses that have been deemed “non-essential” and have thus been prohibited from occupying their physical places of businesses in Philadelphia will be exempt from paying the Use and Occupancy (U&O) taxes due to the City of Philadelphia during the pendency of the city-mandated order.  
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is extending until further notice the following business tax licenses and certifications that are set to expire: (i) Sales, Use and Hotel Occupancy tax licenses; (ii) Public Transportation Assistance (PTA) Fund taxes and fees; (iii) Small Games of Chance Manufacturer Certificates; and (iv) Sales Tax Exemption Certificates.

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