Covid-19 Restrictions Extended In Pennsylvania As of July 16th

Written by: Natalie Klyashtorny

As a consequence of an increase in the number of new Covid-19 cases, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf imposed new “targeted” restrictions this week.  The new restrictions took effect at 12:01 a.m., Thursday, July 16, 2020.

Indoor dining, which is currently still not allowed in Philadelphia but is allowed in the rest of the state, will be limited to only 25% capacity.  All bars and restaurants are prohibited from conducting operations unless they offer sit-down, dine-in meals or take-out sales of alcoholic beverages. All service must be at a table or booth; bar service is prohibited.  Alcohol can be served on premises only with food.  Social distancing, masking, and other mitigation measures must be employed to protect workers and patrons.

All nightclubs are prohibited from conducting operations.

Indoor events and gatherings of more than 25 persons and outdoor events and gatherings of more than 250 people are prohibited.

All businesses are required to conduct their operations in whole or in part remotely where possible.  Where telework is not possible, employees may conduct in-person business operations, provided that the businesses fully comply with all safety, social distancing and masking orders.

All gyms and fitness facilities, while permitted to continue indoor operations, are directed to prioritize outdoor fitness activities. All activities must follow masking requirements and must provide for social distancing requirements of persons being at least 6 feet apart, as well as being limited by any limitations related to gatherings.

Businesses and individuals in violation of these orders could be subject to fines, business closure or other enforcement measures.

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