Recording Studio Expands Business Operations Through Zoning Variance

Our recording studio client was desperately looking for a property to purchase in Philadelphia so it could expand its business operations. As a recording studio, it is very difficult in Philadelphia to find real estate which allows for it to be used as a matter of right under the Philadelphia Zoning Code. Due to this difficulty, our recording studio client had to first obtain special governmental approval to use the property as a recording studio before it could purchase the property.

Every time our recording studio client appeared to find a property that could fit its unique requirements for operating its business, the nearby residents immediately stated their opposition. Many of them were fearful of the noise they believed would emanate from the property, amongst other things.

Our record studio client originally hired a large law firm in Philadelphia to obtain special governmental approval for a property they identified as a fit for its business to operate. Unfortunately, after thousands upon thousands of dollars of legal fees and costs, our recording studio client was unsuccessful in obtaining special governmental approval, due to neighborhood opposition.

We were then hired us after they identified another property which would be ideal to purchase.

At the community meeting, we were well-prepared with any issues which nearby residents could raise in opposition to the proposed use of the property as a recording studio. We addressed how our recording studio client would protect the neighborhood from any issues with noise, the hours of operation of the recording studio, where our recording studio client and its clients would park their vehicles in the neighborhood, and any other safety concerns relating to a recording studio in general.

After our presentation to the community, they overwhelmingly supported our recording studio client’s proposed use of the property. Based upon the community support, the Zoning Board of Adjustment agreed to grant such special governmental approval in the form of a zoning variance.

Years later, our recording studio client not only has a thriving business, but the value of the property it was able to purchase through our efforts has dramatically increased in value.

Mr. Nochumson helped me with obtaining a zoning variance for a commercial property situated very close to a residential neighborhood. Where another obscenely expensive law firm failed, he succeeded! His deep understanding of the field, the people, and the law was very impressive, and to top it off he was a pleasure to work with. I was left with the feeling that he takes pride in doing good work and knowing his stuff and that he cares about all the little details that, when added up, can make a huge difference. I would happily recommend Nochumson P.C. without hesitation.

- Michael Harmon, Studio Crash

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